Stay On A Roll


Donít procrastinate, donít resist, and donít be afraid of the perceived costs of success or youíll remain stuck and stationary.Just jump in!Once you gain momentum, youíre halfway there!


Gaining the Upper Hand


Much of how we control our attitude, mood, and feelings comes from how we feel about ourselves.Life can be a roller coaster if you let it. Ups and downs, ups and downs, pretty scary and unpredictable to say the least.


Positive people who feel good about themselves can often turn a negative situation into a positive one, or at least survive the experience without being devastated.The key is to gain control from the inside out.  What does that really mean?Accepting yourself, for starters-and getting in shape is the first step.It will change the way you feel about yourself as well as your mental outlook on everything happening around you.Suddenly youíre glowing - it is like a contagious energy - something you wish you could bottle and share with others.


Those who dwell on negatives or failure are often fearful and lacking in confidence.This not only erodes your sense of control but chisels away at your inner sense of worthiness, resulting in low self-esteem.So be positive, realistic-and goes for it!


Let Go of Guilt


People have different ways of dealing with guilt.Some get stuck and canít move; others go into a blind frenzy and exercise until theyíre ready to drop, but they feel angry the entire time.Both extremes are unhealthy.Before succumbing to guilt, ask yourself where is it getting you.Is there anything redeeming about the guilt? or is it just a colossal waste of your time and energy?


Remember that you are human and there is always room for error.Missing a workout is not the end of the world.Learn to laugh at your defeats and use them as learning experiences.Reframe the negative into a positive.Meanwhile, console yourself with these three workout facts:


1.     Accomplishing 15 percent of a workout is better than doing nothing at all.Canít bear of the thought of speedwalking a half-hour?Do 10 minutes (and Iíll bet you get so energized you do the whole thing anyhow!).

2.     Donít wait for things to be perfect to start.You may wait the rest of your life.For instance, ďOh, Iíll start this workout after I answer all my calls, or after I do the dishes.

3.     Set realistic goals.Donít expect perfection-just the best you can realistically be.Make that your goal Ėand not some magazine cover.


How to set Goals


Reaching your fitness goals you have to create a clear mental picture of what you want to achieve.Close your eyes for a second and visualize yourself in peak shape, then envision doing physical activities you really love.Finally, what you have always dreamed of doing, getting in great shape would finally let you do that?Here are Six helpful rules that can help you turn goals into reality.


1.     Set Goals with a Reason in Mind - Your ultimate goal is happiness, right?Letís say you want to lose 10 pounds.Ask yourself why?Because my clothes will fit better?Because Iíll look better and feel better about myself?Because Iíll be healthier and live longer?Maybe your reasons are one or all of the above.Know what they are before you get started and your motivation will automatically build.


2.     Do it for yourself! - Not your boyfriend, mother-in-law, distant cousin, or Husband.Do it for YOU!While advice from family and friends is fine, if you donít really want it, their advice will sound like nagging and we all know what we do when someone nags us.Nothing!


3.    Accept Responsibility for Achieving Your Goal - Go ahead, own it.Itís yours, so set up a game plan and get moving.Take that first step and youíll put yourself in the right mind-set to achieve your goals.Remember-think positive.Youíre a winner.Go for your goal 100 percent.Itís all about trying, so donít give up.


4.    Give Yourself a Concrete but Realistic Deadline - Letís face it.If we had forever to get in shape, it would probably take us that long.But we donít have forever; we only have now.Setting a deadline will work like a little kick in the pants to jump-start you into action.By creating a sense of urgency, due dates can help prevent you from coming up with endless excuses.


If the ultimate goal is to lose 50 pounds, break it up into mini-goals with mini-deadlines.For instance, plan to lose two pounds the first week and eight pounds by the end of the first month-a safe and realistic goal, which sounds a heck of a lot easier than losing all 50 at once.Also, not only is it easier to foresee losing eight pounds at a time rather than 50 in one fell swoop, but you can reward yourself along the way and use the thrill of victory to keep losing more until you achieve your final goal.Achieving many small goals will fortify you for the long haul.Itís like giving yourself a pat on the back to keep you motivated.



5.     Develop a Plan of Attack - How do you plan to reach those goals and what steps will get you there?Also, what are you willing to put up with or do without to get there?

If you want to lose eight pounds, you must step up your activity and eat less or maybe change your eating patterns.If youíre currently a couch potato, that means exercising 3 to 4 times a week for at least 20 minutes.Figure out where you can carve out those hours from your week and plug them in.Decide what steps are necessary to reach your goals.Then, figure out how youíre going to follow through.


6.     Get it Down on Paper-It is essential to write your goals down.That way, theyíre permanent and thereís no chance of fudging them.The list can also be a great visual tool.Try writing your goals in two-foot letters; hand them somewhere youíll see them everyday.Or stick reminders on your bathroom mirror or on the fridge.If you really want your goals to be embedded in your memory for life, write it down over and over and over-until you could write it in your sleep.

7.     Leave Room for Obstacles and Opportunities- Life usually doesnít flow in a straight line, so donít set yourself up for a foolproof journey from fat to fit (or whatever your particular starting point happens to be).Anticipate detours, obstacles-even total screw-ups and pig outs-but donít let them bum you out or derail you.Just look at them as inevitable potholes on the route to fitness and pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and press on!


    The pessimist sees the half glass of water as half empty, the optimist, as half full.Itís still the same old half-glass of water.The only difference is how you perceive it.So embrace those detours, because who knows?Sometimes detours lead you to less obvious solutions that you never would have discovered had you stuck to the main drag.


Summing Up


Okay start your engines.Put aside your fear, because fear leads to failure, and besides once you get started youíll be too busy and happy to feel fear-and too motivated to stop.Donít waste your energy dreaming up excuses.Instead, dream up goals, visualize what you really want to look like, write or draw your goals in three-foot letters.And most of all-keep the faith.Think winner, not loser.Happiness, not sadness; fit, not fat.Make your fitness program a game thatís fun, exciting, and challenging.As Descartes once said: I think, therefore I am.Think of yourself as becoming fit and healthy and before you know it, you will be!Donít look back, complain or feel sorry for yourself.Be thankful for what you do have and never take that for granted.

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