The Original Jazzy Aerobic Program. Each 60 minute class offers a blend of jazzy dance sets to your favorite music. Easy-to-follow steps, includes a gentle warm-up, 30 minutes aerobic workout, muscle toning strengthening segments with weights and stretch finals.  




What is Fat 2 Lean? 

An Original Jazzy Aerobic Program.  Each 60 - 70 minute’s class offers a blend of jazzy aerobics set to your favorite music.  Easy-to-follow steps, fun choreography includes a gently warm up, 30 minutes aerobic workout, muscle toning and strengthening segment with weights, and stretch final. 

FAT 2 LEAN's primary goal is to promote total fitness through jazzy aerobics. FAT 2 LEAN stresses cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness and adds balance, posture, coordination, flexibility, stamina, and muscle toning and strengthening exercises to work the entire body in a wide range of movements.  FAT 2 LEAN, Inc. concentrates on mental fitness, relieving stress and allowing students to forget their troubles and just have fun.

We believe fitness and well being enhance the overall quality of people’s lives.  We are committed to helping the public understand the importance of health and fitness and to providing safe, effective and enjoyable means by which the majority of people can attain and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.  

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction  

FAT 2 LEAN, Inc. has committed to giving customers a safe, effective and convenient workout, variety of music, and movements, continued education in fitness and most of all a quality workout.  Remember when you were a kid and had so much fun jumping up and down?  Well, welcome to FAT 2 LEAN, Inc. where you have permission to move again-to yell, hop up and down, whoop and holler, and re-experience the fabulous sensation of joyful fun.


FAT 2 LEAN, Inc. helps your mind go on vacation while your body works overtime.  Students come to class to focus on their bodies, to lose themselves in the movements and the music.  Dancing to the upbeat music can help turn off internal dialogue and replace it with well-deserved fun and whimsy.  Pent-up frustrations are released by stretching, yelling, kicking and clapping.


All FAT 2 LEAN, Inc. classes begin with a warm-up period which consists of gentle, rhythmic movements designed to gradually increase blood flow and body temperature.  Following the warm-up, the movements progressively increase intensity as the class flows into a minimum of twenty-five minutes of rhythmic, continuous jazzy aerobic movement.  We advise student to listen to their bodies, and to workout at their own pace.

Towards the end of this segment the movement intensity gradually decreases, allowing for an aerobic cool-down prior to the floor segment.  After dancing we descend to the floor, and the class continues with a variety of choreographed calisthenics exercises to improve muscle tone and stretching exercises to improve flexibility. The class ends with a final cool-down stretch final, which allows the body to gradually ascend to a standing position.


Exercise mat, hand held weights, water bottle and a towel.  Please remember to dress cool!




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